TWO MS Consulting Engineers

Built on the highest qualifications, experience and passion to deliver excellence for the smallest to the largest and most complex projects.

Gaining the most esteemed recognitions in every relevant government accreditation and the most recognized and respected professional organisations, our Certified Accredited Practicing Engineers, including Registered Design Practitioners and Principal Design Practitioners are up to any challenge across all industries.

Our mission is to use our extensive experience, knowledge, skills and passion to deliver optimum building services solutions for your project.  We develop bespoke and Performance Based Solutions to ensure that the most effective options are implemented.

We keep abreast of the most pressing and important issues facing today's world including the most innovative and technological developments in relation to ventilation for infectious deseases such as COVID-19 and SARs, Moisture Management, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. We are always up to date with the latest and most advanced products and equipment.

Our depth of knowledge of relevant statutory requirements including the EP & A Act and Regulations, BP Act and Regulation, DBP Act and regulations, Building Code of Australia, Work Health and Safety, Australian Standards as well as the highest international standards including ASHRAE, British and ISO Standards, puts at our disposal the most valuable arsenal to ensure best fit, full compliance and integrated design over the full lifetime of the project from design phase, construction phase, commissioning, ongoing maintenance and end of life upgrade.

Our qualifications, experience and knowledge of all other building services including Hydraulic, Fire, Electrical and Civil enable us to coordinate and integrate all building services in the most effective ways.

We have specialists in Mechanical Services and Environmentally Sustainable Building Services (Section J, CBD, NABERS, ESD). 

Qualified and trusted, our team includes members who are Chartered Engineers, Nationally Registered Engineers, Registered under every applicable state legislation including NSW, QLD and Victoria.

Our testimonials are our long held great relationships with our large base of clients which seem to grow exponentially year on year via word of mouth.

Our Services

With more than 25 years experience across residential, commercial, government infrastructure, schools, hotels, hospitals, retail, restaurant and leisure industry sectors. CPEng, NPER, C11 Energy Assessment Accreditation, NABERS and CBD.


Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services as typically the largest building services that encompass  air conditioning, ventilation, Moisture Management, Energy Efficiency, and the all critical Essential/Safety Smoke Hazard Management systems including Smoke Exhaust Systems, Purge Systems, Lift Pressuirsation, Zone Pressurisation, Stair Pressurisation and Shut Down Systems as well as Passive Fire Protections Systems that form part of the Annual Fire Safety Schedule of the asset. Other applicable systems include Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, Indoor Air Quality, Tunnels Ventilation, Dust Extraction and Controls, Clean Rooms, Laboratory Fume Ventilation and Industrial Processes Ventilation, plus much more. 

Mechanical Services make up around 10% of the building capital and footprint. They contribute to around 60% of its energy consumption. Having the most competent, experienced and qualified consultants to support you through is an invaluable investment to ensure the best value and successful outcome for the lifetime of the asset

Section J

Section J compliance assessment reports to assist architectural design and materials selection. 

Building Services

Sustainable and energy efficient building services design consultancy with C11 Accredited Certification.  See how we can help you save money with your building services design and/or providing reviews for strata title mangement.



Qualified and certified NABERS assessments.  Did you know we were one of the first Consultancies to have a building pass the NABERS comprehensive and independent audit with 6 Stars !


Further to our NABERS Assessments, we can offer Commmercial Building Disclosure water, waste and energy audits.


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We provide engineered solutions for Architects, Developers, Builders, Facility and Strata Managers, Mechanical and Electrical Installation Contractors, Charitable Institutions, NSW State Government Departments and Private Clients.  Having completed more than 1,800 projects over the past 25 years this is only a snapshot ...