Established in 1996, TWO MS's team has build a portfolio of projects which demonstrate the experience and skill of our qualified engineers. Our Managing Director has 26 years industry experience within the Mechanical Services and Building Services, a Nationally Registered Chartered Practicing Engineer, C9 and C11 certifier, accredited NABERS, Section J and CBD Assessments, his personal attention is given to the review of each project throughout the design and drawing submission process.

This commitment to ensuring your project is accessed by the most highly qualified personnel, demonstrates our desire to ensuring your project has a workable solution, achieves the requirements of the National Construction Code, and where applicable the relevant compliances required by your local council, principal project requirements documentation and state legislation.


With experience across residential, commercial, infrastructure, industrial, retail, hospitality and leisure, our team is focused on delivering our clients cost effective solutions with quality outcomes. Our staff produce quality CAD drawings and documentation to assist with construction certificate submission, tender development, assessment and review.

With changes to the National Construction Code ensuring Australian buildings achieve stringent energy efficiency requirements and legislative changes surrounding chartering and registration of engineering professionals, it has become increasingly important to ensure the engineering consultants engaged on projects are experienced and equipt to provide the best advice.  

We offer our clients the benefit of working with competent and qualified personnel, who assume responsibility for their participation throughout the life of the project.  Our association with professional engineering consultants, designers and architects who also show a commitment to excellence, and our industry knowledge of builders, professional certifiers and installation contractors, means we are able to provide you with optimised solutions to support your build.